8th International MG-Meeting 26th - 29th August 2004

On the 26th the buses arrived at about 4:30 to take us to the boat trip on the canals of Berlin. the weather kept us in suspense as to whether it would rain or not, it didn't, but it was a mite cool. The sights and, of course the drinks kept the shivering at bay. Afterwards the buses brought us back to th nH-Hotel where a rather nice buffet was waiting for us. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

On the 27th we all set off for the Avus North Curve, where the Korso (parade) through the streets of Berlin would start. The tailenders arriving at about 10:30. To our disappointment the weiße Mäuse (white mice - police escort) called a rain check at the last moment, this meant we would have to obey all traffic rules and regulations (like traffic lights, avoiding pedestrians etc.). The leaders had a bit of a hard time trying to keep a group of six or so cars together - the damn traffic lights always change at the wrong time! to reduce the stress somewhat, we shortened the route and all arrived safely in Meilenwerk in time for an excellent lunch. Up till then the weather had benn nice but over lunch it did a bit more than drizzle!

After lunch there were buses running every half hour from Meilenwerk to Kurfürstendamm and Potsdamer Platz, to take anyone who wanted to could go shopping or just sightseeing. Everybody was of the opinion that the attraction Meilenwerk was a well thought out Oldtimer Forum. The driving simulator from the Charité Hospital was well visited, the special interest was when the alcohol effects simulation was running. A real eye-opener.....

On Saturday it was time for the rally, this time to Altes Lager (near Jüterbog). On the way there and back were only checkpoints to ensure everybody took the defined route. All the special stages took place on the runway behing the Go-Kart track. There were 4 special stages:
 1. Throwing the wheelbrace
 2. Constant speed driving
 3. Mini driving (the best and most amusing stage)
 4. LeMans Start

In the evening was the Prize-giving with Buffet, Music and Dancing, a super end to a very enjoyable day.

On Sunday after brunch and saying goodbye to a number of participants, we set off for the Tempelhof Airport, where we had a guided tour of the parts not usually seen by the public, very interesting Thanks to Waltraud und Jürgen

On Monday it was the outing to Mellensee, unfortunately the weather did its' best to dampen our spirits, but to no avail, riding the handcars was hard work but a lot of fun. After numerous races (overtaking was not allowed) we ended up in a very nice restaurant for lunch......Again a super outing from Waltraud and Jürgen. After lunch we drove back to nH-Hotel, where we said goodbye to the last of the particants.

Everyone one was of the same opinion (apart from minor grumbles) - another very successful MG-Meeting